Frequently Asked Questions – State of Readiness Campaign

When does my contribution become effective?
Penn Township Ambulance’s State of Readiness Campaign coverage begins January 1 and ends December 31 each calendar year. If your contribution is paid after January 1, coverage begins at the time of payment and is not pro-rated or extended beyond the end of the year. Our first request for contributions comes via United States Postal Service at the beginning of November each year.

Who is covered by the family plan?
Penn Township Ambulance’s family plan covers you, your spouse and any children that you claim as dependents. If you have an additional family member residing in your household, that person should pay for an individual plan membership.

What does the contribution plan cover?
Penn Township Ambulance’s State of Readiness Campaign pledges that demand for payment will not include out-of-pocket expenses to the member when the service rendered is reasonable and necessary. All third-party payers must be exhausted before the membership benefit can be applied.

I have insurance, do I still need to contribute?
Your donation gives Penn Township Ambulance the ability to provide the highest quality of care in a time of an emergency. Most insurance plans do not provide 100% coverage, leaving you with a balance owed to Penn Township Ambulance.

Why did Penn Township Ambulance bill my insurance if I contribute?
Penn Township Ambulance seeks reimbursement from a third-party payer when services are rendered. Typically this is your health insurance provider. Subscription funding does not provide the financial support to provide professional emergency medical services. As a result, end-users are responsible for all expenses. Members must agree to allow Penn Township Ambulance to bill on your behalf before membership benefits can be applied.

How much does the annual contribution cost?
The family membership is $45.00 and the individual membership is $30.00.